The problem with industry standard capital analysis techniques is that they fail to consider the risk profile of your project. CRM doesn't just identify the expected benefit of your project, we identify a multitude of potential outcomes and their respective probability.

To start the process, we identify key business and industry specific variables that will impact the attractiveness of your proposed project. Using specialized software we incorporate all these variables into a single model used to generate a distribution of Net Present Value's ("NPV's").

The figure below illustrates a sample output from the model.

The distribution (to the left), allows users to identify several Useful facts:

  • Expected Benefit (Blue box): ~$6.6 Million
  • Asymmetric Risk Reward (Green Box above)
    • Downside risk: 5% chance of losing more than $7.1 Million
    • Upside Benefit: 5% chance of a benefit greater than $26 Million

Capital Budgeting (Multiple projects):

In the event your organization has an annual capital budget with multiple proposed project, CRM is capable of analyze each project, and plugging the analysis into an optimization model to identify the ideal mix of projects to maximize your benefit for a defined budget. 

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Capital Planning and NPV Analysis