Capital Analysis & Planning

Market Analysis 

Whether you are a large regulated utility or a new start-up, Return on Invested Capital ("ROIC") is of the utmost importance. Let CRM analyze your projects and develop an optimized portfolio to maximize the future benefits 

Passion for a project is what takes it from conceptualization to implementation. It can also create a bias to your point of view. Prior to implementation allow CRM to run a "Red-Team" exercise.  

The exercise begins by taking the alternative point of view in an effort to identify weaknesses and/or risks. Once identified we work with you to mitigate these risks prior to making a final "go, no go" decision 

Price volatility can wreak havoc on a companies bottom line, and add undo pressure on an organization. We develop tailor made hedging strategies designed to protect from undesirable price movements while maintaining exposure to opportunistic prices

Commodity hedging

Long-Term Forecasting

With an eye to the future and access to specialized software, Cabot Risk Management ("CRM") develops long term strategies to help clients capitalize on attractive opportunities while avoiding potential pitfalls

Red Team Exercise

Currently in Beta testing, CRM has developed a visually stunning, online, market analytics Dashboard. All your energy data in one convenient location

Dashboard reporting